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The Commission of Enquiry- Interim Report

Date:Apr 19, 2011

The South Essex Commission of Enquiry was set up in the summer 2010 to look at how housing (across all tenures) can contribute to health and well-being; the design, location, condition and accessibility of housing and local amenities all contribute to the life-chances of residents and their ability to live as full a life as possible in their own home. The right home and the right support can rarely be achieved solely by one agency and will often be dependent on effective co-operation with Health and Social Care, as well as a range of private, voluntary sector and community based organisations.

During the autumn four Hearings were held across the sub-region and over 100 different organisations contributed their views on co-operation between housing, health and adult social care.

This is the Commission of Enquiry’s Interim Report.  It is based on the evidence gathered during the course of the Hearings, together with material provided by a number of Task Groups, and sets out the Commission’s proposals for change.  Work will be carried out on these areas by the Project Team, Task Groups and relevant officers over the coming months.

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