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South Essex is crucial to the UK economy, has a rising population, and exhibits all the issues that are central to strategic housing policy.

Our Vision : "To deliver a sufficient and sustainable supply of quality housing that contributes to a balanced housing and job market."

Three Priorities

1. New Funding Models / Viability / Evidence Base / Site Development

Enabling the development of high quality and sustainable affordable housing in places where people want to live responding to local need and supporting the economy.

2. Private sector housing / Green Deal / Decent Homes / Empty Homes

Improving the condition and usage of existing housing across all tenures taking into account social and environmental factors that impact on quality of life.

3. Planning for Older People / Extra Care / Adaptations / Under Occupation / Homeless

Enabling people to make informed choices about their housing circumstances and enabling them to meet their own housing needs. Develop links between health, well being, employment and housing to help prevent homelessness and support vulnerable people.

NB:Vision and Key Priorities currently under review

South Essex Strategic Housing Market Assessment, May 2016 and

Addendum Report, May 2017

South Essex Strategic Housing Market Assessment.pdf (8.1MB)

South Essex Strategic Housing Market Assessment No Appendices.pdf (3.98MB)

South Essex Strategic Housing Market Assessment Executive Summary.pdf (259KB)

South Essex Strategic Housing Market Assessment Appendices.pdf (3.53MB)

Addendum to the South Essex SHMA May 17.pdf

Previous studies


TGSE Interim Housing Strategy 2012-15